Litter born June 22, 2006
1 male, 4 females
Sire:   BG, MK, RO, BALKAN CH Stings Unexpected Marlo Junior
Dam:  S & N CH Stings Peach Of Passion

Photo taken July 7, 2006

Photos taken 060824 at 9 weeks

Stings Yippie I'm Here
Owner: Laine Iversen, Kennel Marcansa, Norway

Stings Yes I'm A Beauty
Owner: Venja Førland, Kennel Jalis, Norway

Stings Ying N' Yang

Stings Yoy Of Life

Stings Yum Yum Girl

Photos taken August 1 (6 weeks)
The same order as above


Female 1

Female 2

Female 3

Female 4


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