Litter born October 2, 2009
5 males, 1 female
Sire: CH Stings Blaze Of Glory
Dam: Stings Ying N' Yang

Photos taken October 3

* * * * *

The photos below are taken January 1, 2010
Stings Jaunty Jester
Male: Stings Jaunty Jester

Stings Just A Joyride
Male: Stings Just A Joyride

Stings Jack In The Box
Male: Stings Jack In The Box

Stings Jade In Gold
Male: Stings Jade In Gold

Stings Just A Black Jewel
Female: Stings Just A Black Jewel

The photos below are taken on November 6, at 5 weeks of age.
The first 5 are boys and the last one is a girl.

If you are intrested in a puppy please, call us or send an e-mail

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Ch Stings Blaze Of Glory Ch Chic Choix In Parti Cular  Ch Barjea My Ling Panda
Ch Karafill Chic Choix Nova
Chic Choix Goes Georgia  Ch Ta Sen Victory Chic Choix Shoe
Ch Stings Nice N' Natty 
Stings Ying N' Yang CH Stings Unexpected Marlo Junior Ch Chic Choix Marlon Brando
Ch Chic Choix Ellen O' Ellen
CH Stings Peach Of Passion Ch Stings Inside Information
Old Gold Amfora Golden Hind

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