Litter born August 20, 2012
3 males and 3 females

Sire: Singtuk-Tu Harley D Fat Boy
Dam: Magic Of Dreams Azurowa Amhara


Photos taken October 15 at 8 weeks of age

Stings Won't Forget You, male

Stings Written In The Stars, male

Stings Wonderful Memories, male

Stings Wish You Were Here, female

Stings Warmest Feelings, female

Stings With Love Always, female


The photos below is taken 12-09-22

Stings Won't Forget You

Stings Written In The Stars

Stings Wonderful Memories

Stings Wish You Were Here

Stings With Love Always

Stings Warmest Feelings

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Singtuk-Tu Harley D Fat Boy US CH
Tabu's Firefox Of Wa
CH Tabu Pa's Courage Under Fire
Chiyoko's To Be Continued
Singtuk Little Twinkle Singtuk Fantastic Fella
Singtuk Shaded Fantasy 
Magic Of Dreams Azurowa Amhara CH Barjea Mai Ling Panda Barjea Mischief's Falcore
Barjea Mai Ling Summer Wind
CH Limor Azurowa Amhara CH Ti La Shu Jo-Wo Azurowa Amhara
CH Silver Ghost Sylena


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