Stings Oat N'Butter

"Tsampa" is born May 1, 2000
Owner: Britt-Inger Axelsson

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Biss, Int, S, N Ch Stings Unike Uno Sternroc Jaunty Joker GB Ch Barnabe Pan of Kayberta
Sternroc Jaunty Aimee
Saint Charlies Sweet-Girl Bifrost Li-Ma-Hai-Tso
S Ch Fascination
Stings Improved Image Whisborne Call the Tune  Nord, Int Ch Whisborne Hair Apparent
Whisborne Oh La La
Stings Yppiga Yvette  S Ch Taragons Synht-Nisse
S Ch Stings Milda Matilda


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